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Pearl Beach Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Pearl Beach is surrounded by the Brisbane Waters National Park which is an ever-present threat for bush fires. Although rare, Pearl Beach is not immune from such occurrences. Being aware of this and what precautions to take to prevent and deal with bush fires is essential knowledge for residents and visitors alike.

Pearl Beach Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is a selfless organisation keeping one and all safe at all times during the year but, more especially, during the summer bush fire season

Upon entering the village via Pearl Beach Drive, you will observe the local BUSH FIRE WARNING sign erected adjacent to the intersection of Pearl Beach Drive and Diamond Road. During the summer months this sign is updated daily or as required in response to any current bush fire threat.

Fire Warning Sign

It is imperative that you are aware of what this sign indicates. Refer to the Rural Fires Service Fire Rating web page -

In the event of a bush fire warning alert you may be advised by a recorded message to your landline phone if your phone account address is located in the effected area. Similarly, you may receive an SMS to your mobile phone if your mobile account address is also located in the effect area.

When a Bush Fire Alert is advised, bush fire warning advices will be transmitted on local radio stations. A wise precaution is to have a portable AM/FM radio (with fresh batteries installed) to listen to such bulletins.

ABC Central Coast 92.5 Mhz will broadcast Emergency bulletins, usually preceded by the

Standard Emergency Warning Signal.

Listen for this siren alert sound which may interupt a broadcast.


See also - ABC Emergency and 92.5 ABC Central Coast for more information -

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See the RFS website for more information -

RFS Information Tel: 1800 679 737

Local Fire Control Centre. Kariong. Tel: 02 4340 2911


RFS Resource: Online and App - Fires Near Me...

Fires Near Me

Get information on current bush fires and other incidents across NSW, as well as warnings for fires which may affect where you live.


Stay up to date

It's important you stay up to date before, during and after bush fires and other emergencies. To help, the NSW RFS provides information and warnings through a range of channels.


Fires Near Me website


Information and warnings about bush fires and other incidents attended by the NSW RFS -

    Fires Near Me wabsite


Fires Near Me NSW smartphone app


A mobile application on iOS and Android is available to help you stay up to date on bush fires in your area -



Bush Fire Muster Map
Southern (Green point) end of beach on the sand in front of the Amenities block

Pearl Beach Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade
Brigade Station,
39 Emerald Avenue, Pearl Beach. NSW 2256

Postal Address - P.O. Box 3, Pearl Beach. NSW 2257
Monthly meeting is held at 1930 hrs (7:30pm) on the second Tuesday of each month and Volunteer Training - 1930 hrs (7:30pm) every Tuesday evening at the Brigade Station
Current contact - Secretary/Training Officer & Senior Deputy Captain

PBVBFB vehiclePBVBFB Appliance
PBVBFB at Brigade StationPBVBFB at Brigade Station