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Things to See and Do around Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach has a very beautiful beach but there is more to it than just that.

There is a lot to see and do and uppermost would be a leisurely stroll through the streets of the village where kerb and guttering are the exception. Take in the diverse residential architecture that makes this place so special. Most every residence is different to its neighbour. Soak up the clean fresh air as you wander, relaxed and carefree, under a canopy of mainly native trees.

Go for a swim on our golden beach, paddle along the surfs edge or maybe a dip in the ocean pool. Take a seat under the beach front majestic Norfolk Pines; relax, take a deep breath and let your eyes play over the expanse of Broken Bay from the tip of Green Point to the headland that is Mount Ettalong.

Pop into the Pearl Beach Café for breakfast, a morning coffee or lunch; a great way to meet the locals or have a fun break during your day. Pick-up a newspaper paper or a needed necessity from the Pearl Beach General Store.

Partake of a sumptuous meal with friends at award-winning Pearls on the Beach where you'll always be made feel most welcome. Pearls is housed in a beautiful old beach property just a few steps from the sand, the restaurant is clean and uncluttered, with its pastel colours and white tablecloths. The view whilst dining is grand and what matters: the food, which was given one hat in the 2016 Good Food Guide.


Green Point

Proceed south along Diamond Road to the T-junction with Crystal Avenue, turn left and continue along Crystal Cave (which becomes Green Point Road) and proceed to Green Point where you will find Paul Landa Reserve. This is another pleasant spot for a stroll down to a rock ledge over the point that offers outstanding views of Lion Island, Barrenjoey Head land, the Hawkesbury and Pittwater.

Crommelin Native Arboretum

At the end of Diamond Rd turn right into Crystal Ave. Along this road, to the right, is the parking area for Crommelin Native Arboretum, a truly lovely 4.5-ha flora sanctuary with grassed areas, wetlands, patches of temperate rainforest and open forest crisscrossed by very easy walking trails. This is one of the more pleasant attractions of the area. For more information, see - Arboretum button on Home page.

Mt Ettalong Lookout

Take Pearl Beach Drive out of Pearl Beach to the intersection with Patonga Drive, turn right and about 80 m beyond the intersection, there is a signposted turnoff to the right which will take you to the Mt Ettalong lookouts, which are the finest on the entire western shore of Brisbane Water. With care, turn into the water tower parking area; park and lock your car.

The official lookouts lie to the north of the carpark. Just follow the signs. It is a very short distance. The northernmost lookout faces northwards with views over Ocean Beach to Ettalong Beach and Wagstaff. From here the shallowness of Brisbane Water is apparent from the shoals and sandbars over which the waves break offshore. To the east is Bouddi National Park. A directional plate indicates various locations and the distance to them.

Probably the best view is to be had is by just walking immediately east of the track's end, to the Pearl Beach Lookout at the cliff face. Immediately below is beautiful Pearl Beach. Beyond that it is easy to see Green Point at its southern end, then a desultory strip of beach. South of that the land ends at the estuary of the Hawkesbury which lies at the western end of Broken Bay. The views over the bay, usually dotted with white sails, are excellent. Lion Island lies in the middle. The land to the far left with the lighthouse is Barrenjoey Head. Around the corner facing out to the ocean is Palm Beach, the most northerly of Sydney's northern beaches. Just to the right of Barrenjoey is a large inlet which recedes southwards known as Pittwater. To the right of that is West Head on the north-eastern corner of Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park which follows the southern shore of the Hawkesbury River as it disappears around the corner to the far right. Looking straight across Brisbane Water is Box Head at the southern tip of the western shore.

Warrah Trig and Warrah Lookout

About 2.3 km beyond Pearl Beach Drive along Patonga Drive towards the village of Patonga - is a branch road on the left which leads along a dirt road to the Warrah Trig. At the end of the road is an open area/carpark and you can see the actual Trig survey point there standing upon a huge rock formation. There is a path, the Tony Doyle Track (not accessible by disabled persons or wheelchair users) that leads to the Warrah Lookout - also known locally as the Tony Doyle Lookout. There are some colourful wildflowers, usually from July to October, especially Waratah's in September/October and Christmas bells. From the lookout one gains an elevated view of the Hawkesbury River, Lion Island, Sydney's Palm Beach, Pittwater and back up the river to Patonga. Just near the lookout, the Tony Doyle Track crosses over a dirt road – the Pearl Beach to Patonga Track.

Pearl Beach to Patonga Track

The track takes walkers on a fire trail over the hill through Brisbane Water National Park, bringing them down to the northern end of Patonga beach.

A moderately challenging day walk through red gums and eucalypts, the Pearl Beach to Patonga track covers a one-way distance of some 3 kilometres and will take approximately 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs to traverse. The track is a wide fire-trail of course gravel and broken bush stone and has some very steep and difficult gradients. NPWS grade this walk as a Grade 5 (Very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills, including navigation and emergency first aid. Tracks are likely to be very rough, very steep and unmarked.) although it is regularly taken by family groups and mountain bike cyclists. Adventurers are recommended to wear stout shoes or boots with socks and clothing pertinent to the prevailing weather conditions. Further, drinking water, a hat, sunscreen and possibly, a small first aid kit is advised. Don't forget your camera and maybe, binoculars if you wish to bird watch. There are no refuse bins so please do not litter in the National Park (it is an offense) so please carry any waste with you to dispose at the end of the walk. Mobile phone reception may not be possible over the greater part of the track.

Starting at the Pearl Beach end of the track is suggested, unless you have some one to collect you in Patonga and arrange to be picked up at Patonga Beach.

The best time to tackle the track is early morning. Make your way up Crystal Avenue (turn right at the Diamond Road intersection) towards the Crommelin Native Arboretum. A little way past the last house on the left-hand side is a turn-in onto the fire trail, marked by a steel metal gate. The track forms part of the well-known Great North Walk.

The track commences with a moderate rise upon which on the left you will pass large sandstone caves with a natural hanging garden of native ferns, locally known as the Pearl Caves. A slow climb will bring you to the point where the Tony Doyle Track crosses the fire trail near the Warrah Lookout. Visit the lookout and stop for a snack and take in the view. (See 'Warrah Trig and Warrah Lookout' above) Continue beyond the Tony Doyle Track sign for a few hundred metres towards Patonga where you will follow a sign off to the left "Patonga". The track now becomes a true bush track and is fairly easy walking. The last part down to the beach at Patonga is quite steep as in wends down a set of stairs to the beach.

Should you not consider to return to Pearl Beach via the track it would be wise to either arrange to be picked up at Patonga Beach. Or take a bus back to Pearl Beach. Busways operate a regular service from Patonga to Pearl Beach only and not vice versa. Bus service number 54 operates 2 Patonga Drive, (just near the Boathouse Hotel) Patonga to Pearl Beach: Mon-Friday departures at 0837, 1149, 1554, 1643 and 1843 hrs. Saturdays - departures at 1026 and 1336 hrs. Sundays and Public Holidays - departures at 0947 and 1546 hrs. Timetable times are correct as at 30 September 2018.

Contact Busways -

  (02) 4368 2277
Hrs: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm)

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